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Hire Company: Empire Event Hire

Client: The individual, business or corporation hiring equipment or services from the ‘hire company’

Event date/time: The formal date and timing of the agreed rental equipment from the ‘Hire Company’ for the ‘Client’.

Rental Equipment: Refers to all props, signage, lighting and accessories supplied by the ‘Hire Company’.

Bond: The amount of additional money paid by the client to cover any potential damages or loss to hire equipment. The bond cost is returned if all hire times are returned in original condition to when they were received.



All items supplied to the client by the hire company are at all times, the property of the hire company - Empire Event Hire. The client understands and acknowledges responsibility for the rental equipment and is liable for any damages that may occur during their rental period. If any damages are to occur, the bond will not be returned to client.



The hire of rental equipment begins from the date and time of delivery, until the agreed date and time of pick up by client and hire company. Any extended times must be agreed to by Empire Event Hire otherwise additional costs will apply. 


Empire Event Hire has quality control procedures in place. All rental equipment is thoroughly examined, cleaned, counted and sanitised prior to delivery/pick up. The equipment will be delivered in a clean, well maintained condition, and it is the client’s responsibility to uphold this standard. The client must notify the hire company of any missing or damaged items before the agreed pick up date. 


For security of a booking, the client is to provide Empire Event Hire with a 50% deposit of the total cost of their booking. This amount is non-refundable, however can be redeemed as a credit for a future booking if the client cancels/postpones. All hire items can not be put on hold for the client’s desired date until the deposit is received by Empire Event Hire.


Final payment for the remaining 50% must be paid to Empire Event Hire within the week prior to the event date. Empire Event Hire will remind the client of this amount and due date. Should this payment not be received, Empire Event Hire reserves the right to no longer supply any equipment to the event. 


Bookings requiring delivery, installation & pickup will be additionally charged depending on the location of event from the Empire Event Hire Warehouse. 


If a client is picking up / dropping off hire items to the Empire Event Hire Warehouse, the client must specify a pick up/drop off date and time, agreed to by the hire company. A photo copy of ID is required for security of the equipment. If the client fails to return equipment by the agreed date and time, additional fees and charges will apply. 


*All agreements between the Hire Company and Client must be in writing prior to the event.



The client may cancel an order, however cancellation fees will apply. No cancellation by the client is valid unless it has been acknowledged in writing by Empire Event Hire. Fees and charges are as follows;


50% of the total booking cost will be taken as a deposit. The deposit paid is non-refundable in the event of cancellation, postponement, weather conditions or change of mind. The deposit can be used as a credit for a future booking.


Any cancellations before 21 days are eligible for a refund if more than 50% of the event was paid for up-front. 


Cancellations within 21 days of the event date will be refunded the delivery and pick up fees only. The hire items dollar will not be refunded as this is considered a loss of opportunity.


Changes to a booking may be made before 21 days prior to the event. Any changes within 21 days of the event date may involve fees as a loss of opportunity. 


Hire item prices do not include delivery, installation and pickup pricing. This is an additional cost outlined by the hire company in original quote. 


Delivery, installation & pickup fees vary depending on the location of the event, as well as the specific items of hire. This fee may be subject to change if the client changes location or hire items. Unless a setup fee has been charged and agreed upon by the client, the hire company is not responsible for set-up procedures.


Should extra labour be required, additional charges will apply. 


The hire company requires flexibility around delivery, installation & pickup timings by the client.



The client is responsible for the hire items during their hire time period. Any damaged, stolen or lost equipment will result in the bond not being returned to client.


All equipment is to be returned to the hire company in a clean state. Returned equipment that requires additional cleaning (e.g, cake on cake stands) may include additional fees.


In the event hire items are not returned to Empire Event Hire by the agreed date and time, the client will be given a grace period of seven business days to return missing/stolen items. After this period of time, the client will not receive their bond back. 


The client shall protect the equipment from the elements during the time of hire. In poor weather, the client will move the equipment to the necessary area to ensure it is not damaged. The client has full responsibility to take care of all hire items whilst it is under their supervision.



Hire equipment is insured with public liability insurance at all times. 


The client hereby indemnifies and holds indemnified Empire Event Hire from all claims, actions, demands and expenses in any war arising from injury, death, loss of income of damage caused to the client or it’s property or the associated users in respect of equipment and public liability insurance. 



Cancellation policy still stands as per our terms and conditions above.


No cancellation or postponement is not valid until acknowledged by Empire Event Hire.

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